About us

Friteks, Ltd. is a company of limited liability, founded in 1995.
Since its functioning we have made more than 780 different projects in the field of ventilation, air conditioning, food processing technologies, and the designing of cooling systems, and assembly works.
Friteks, Ltd. has been conducting the above mentioned projects in two ways, either as a subcontractor of a big construction company or by concluding an agreement with a firm to perform different assembly works in the given construction site.

Friteks, Ltd. specifies in the following fields:

  • The construction of ventilation and air conditioning systems;
  • The construction of refrigeration systems;
  • The assemble of food processing technology lines;
  • The installation of "Scotsman" ice machines both for industrial, and bar and hotel requirements;
  • The completion of construction works.

Considering our client’s demands we estimate the undertaken objects, make projects of the systems mentioned above, deliver the machinery and the materials, do assembly works, warranty and after warranty service.
Our request of the client we offer the machinery of world’s best known producers, the quality of which we are absolutely assured.

Proficient and reliable staff is of great importance when choosing business partners. The specialists working for our company are certified masters - engineers, who have got certificate in building practice and rich working experience in the sphere refrigeration, ventilation and air conditioning.