HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning)




Ventilation systems

Friteks, Ltd. is one of the biggest ventilation system assembly enterprises in Latvia. We have constructed ventilation systems in many different objects - hotels ("Reval Hotel Latvia"), hypermarkets ("Citymarket", "Raibais Suns"), production premises ("Bauskas Alus", "Olainfarm", "Grindeks"), automobile showrooms ("Autonams", "VW centrs") and in Television of Latvia.

Our specialists will suggest most appropriate machinery for your office, plant or house, will work out a project and will perform a system assembly. Nowadays it is important for ventilation machinery to be placed in a short time, of excellent quality, with a long serving period, and safe exploitation. Consideration of these preconditions are guaranteed by Friteks highly qualified employees and the use of materials brand proof.

Air conditioning

Friteks Ltd. is offering you the air conditioning units which have claimed attention for its proof of high quality among the world's famous leading producers.
We have installed air conditioners in small areas such as flats as well as in vast areas - hotels, banks, etc., namely in the "Reval Hotel Latvia", "Investment Bank", in the food processing shop PLC "Kekavas broileri".
To satisfy the clients' needs we are offering the delivery and assembly service of "split" air conditioning units various foreign producers' mostly from Japan FUJITSU GENERAL.

FUJITSU GENERAL air conditioners have proved to be of high quality, comfortable and cheap in exploitation, compact and light, besides they are noiseless in operation. These are wide profile air conditioners equipped with air cooling, heating, drying and automatic schedules and timers. The direction of air flow may be changed with lowers. The control of air conditioners is managed by ultra-red remote control. Depending on the rise and fall in external and internal temperatures, the conditioning units provide you with the optimal climate the area. Electrostatic filters protect you from dust, smoke and pollen.

Our specialists will provide you with the most suitable units and will install them in a most short period of time.
The mobile air conditioners are at your disposal as well.