The design, delivery and assembly of cooling and refrigeration systems are another remarkable field of activities performed by Friteks, Ltd.

Cooling equipment is subdivided into several groups:

  • Industrial equipment - it works on ammonia and is used in big industrial enterprises.
  • Commercial equipment - is usually used by small and middle enterprises, trading and agricultural industries.
  • Cooling equipment for ice hockey halls.
  • Refrigeration equipment for production of ice water for food technology needs.

We have installed these cooling systems in several enterprises, namely in "Valdo" cold storage - designing works, construction of cold room and assembly of cooling system; "Kekavas putnu fabrika" - bird chilling tunnel; "Preilu Siers", "Tukuma piens", "Talsu piensaimnieks" - refrigeration and cooling of cold rooms, ice water system; "Ventspils Hokeja halle" - ice hockey field refrigeration equipment; "Latgales Alus" - beer storage and equipment cooling; "Vilattrans" - refrigeration tunnels and cold rooms; "Jelgavas galas kombinats" - cooling of production premises and cold rooms; "Banga Seafood International" - refrigeration equipment reconstruction.